Gelechiidae : Anomologinae
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Photo © Neil Sherman,  Female gen.det. Purdis Farm, Ipswich Aug 2016

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Monochroa hornigi
Knotweed Neb

Staudinger, 1883740 / 35.077

Morley’s Final Catalogue: Not listed.

Recent Status: A rare species in Suffolk that is probably under-recorded.

Life Style: A single brooded species flying from June to August and coming to light. The larvae are known to feed in Persicaria species and may also feed on Rumex species. The larvae hibernate fully fed. They pupate in a cocoon away from the larval habitation.

Identification: The moth is a dark fuscous with whitish and darker markings that are common for a number of Monochroa species. The link below shows the species with markings at its best. These may not always be evident. Without clear evidence of a photograph then genitalia dissection is necessary for a record. More Info

Determination by Genitalia Examination (gen. det.) Required

Recorded in 2 (3%) of 58 10k Squares.
First Recorded in 2006.
Last Recorded in 2019.
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