Oecophoridae : Oecophorinae
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Photo © Antony Wren,  Lowestoft, Suffolk

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Tachystola acroxantha
Ruddy Streak

(Meyrick, 1885)656 / 28.024

Morley’s Final Catalogue: Not listed.

Recent Status: Localised colonies where it can be frequent. An adventive from Australia that has been on the increase since the late 1970s. From the UK distribution it is possible that it is boosted by further adventives and human assisted dispersal.

Life Style: A multi-brooded species that can be found from April to November. The larvae feed in moist litter by skeletonising moist dead leaves.

Identification: An easily recognised moth from the orange termen band. More Info

Recorded in 8 (14%) of 58 10k Squares.
First Recorded in 1997.
Last Recorded in 2019.
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