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Photo © Paul Kitchener,  Eye, 2 July 2010 (gen. det.)

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Coleophora ibipennella
Forest Case-bearer
Coleophora kuehnella
White Oak Case-bearer
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Coleophora betulella
White Birch Case-bearer

(Heinemann, 1876)536 / 37.053

Morley’s Final Catalogue: Not listed.

Recent Status: The species is recorded in Suffolk.

Life Style: A single brooded species flying during June, July and August. The larvae feed on Betula. Following hibernation they feed at the edges or eat holes out of leaves. They pupate on a leaf or twig.

Identification: There are seven members of the albidella group of Coleophora of which six are very similar and difficult to identify. C. anatipennella, C. albidella, C. kuehnella, C. ibipennella, C. betulella and C. currucipennella all have white forewings, thorax and head and a prominent white scale tuft on the antennal scape. There are minor differences in wing colour. The genitalia are all very similar and they all, except for C. kuehnella, have similar pistol shaped cases. However they have different foodplants. The larvae, having initially mined a leaf, become grazers of leaves from their portable case.
C. betulella may show light yellow or pale fuscous shading on the veins particularly towards the apex. There is a thin fuscous line on the costa to two fifths. More Info

Determination by Genitalia Examination (gen. det.) Required

Recorded in 10 (17%) of 58 10k Squares.
First Recorded in 2003.
Last Recorded in 2019.
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