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Coleophora sternipennella
Speckled Case-bearer (Zetterstedt, 1839)
566 / 37.084

Similar Suffolk Species
Orache Case-bearer
Coleophora saxicolella
Wingspan: 10-15mm
Flight: July to August
Foodplant:   Orache and Goosefoot
Nat Status: Nationally Scarce B
Verification Grade:  Adult: 4  Case: C4

Morley’s Final Catalogue: Not listed.

Recent Status: A common species that is under-recorded in Suffolk, probably owing to identification constraints.

Life Style: A single brooded species flying in July and August. It comes to light. The larvae feed on the seeds of Atriplex and Chenopodium species. Initially by boring into the seeds and then from a portable silken case. They hibernate fully fed on the ground where they pupate.

Identification: The adult moth has an ochreous forewing with white stripes and scattered fuscous scales it can only be separated from C. saxicolella by genitalia dissection. The difference in the males is in the processes of the transtilla, they have a group of short spines in C. saxicolella. In the female the ostium is set back from the rear edge of the sternum in C. saxicolella and the atrium narrows slightly in the anterior half.
The larval case has a trivalved anal end and the oral opening is set at 40 to 70 degrees to the long axis. It is a sub-cylindrical case decorated with pappus. There is no consistent difference between the cases and larvae of C. saxicolella, C. sternipennella, C. versurella and C. vestianella. More Info

Determination by Genitalia Examination (gen. det.) Required

Case: A good quality photo or specimen of the case and plant/pabulum and gen. det. of bred moth is required.

Recorded in 7 (12%) of 58 10k Squares.
First Recorded in 1987.
Last Recorded in 2019.

Latest 5 Records
Date#VC10k Area
24/08/2019125TM24 - Woodbridge/Martlesham
19/08/2018125TM24 - Woodbridge/Martlesham
18/08/2018125TM24 - Woodbridge/Martlesham
23/07/2018+25TM34 - Hollesley/Rendlesham Forest
17/07/2018+25TM34 - Hollesley/Rendlesham Forest
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