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Ectoedemia heringella
New Holm-Oak Pigmy (Mariani, 1939)
Nepticulidae: Nepticulinae
36a / 4.088
Photo © Antony Wren,  Pakefield, Suffolk

Similar Suffolk Species
Holm-oak Pigmy
Stigmella suberivora
Wingspan: c. 5-6mm.
Flight: June - August.
Foodplant:   Holm Oak
Nat Status: Nationally Scarce B
Verification Grade:  Adult: 4  Mine: L

Morley’s Final Catalogue: Not listed.

Recent Status: A migratory species that spread west across Europe reaching Britain during 2003. It has spread rapidly and is now present across Suffolk and can be abundant.

Life Style: A single brooded species that flies during June, July and August and comes to light. The larvae mine the upper surface of Quercus ilex leaves. Other Quercus species may occasionally be used. They pupate in a cocoon on the tree.

Identification: The moth is a poorly marked species. It has a dirty orange or yellow head tuft and pale scape. Fresh specimens may show a distinct pale tornal spot but the moths fade and often appear a glossy cream colour. The moth can be identified by breeding out from a mine or by genitalia dissection.
The larvae mine the upper side of the leaf initially forming a gallery that enlarges to a blotch. There are commonly many on a leaf. They are filled with frass behind the larvae. More Info

Determination by Genitalia Examination (gen. det.) Required

Mine: Either the leaf or a good photograph required

Recorded in 27 (47%) of 58 10k Squares.
First Recorded in 2005.
Last Recorded in 2021.

Latest 5 Records
Date#VC10k Area
16/06/2021125TM25 - Wickham Market/Otley
01/05/2021+25TM23 - Felixstowe/Landguard Point
17/04/2021+25TM13 - Brantham/Holbrook
01/12/2020+25TM23 - Felixstowe/Landguard Point
25/10/2020+26TL85 - Brockley/Alpheton
Further info: Ectoedemia heringella
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