Day-flying Micro Moths - Species active by day or easily disturbed from their daytime resting places.macros | micros    
Micropterix tunbergella

Red-barred Gold
Micropterix aruncella

White-barred Gold
Micropterix calthella

Plain Gold
Dyseriocrania subpurpurella

Common Oak Purple
Eriocrania sparrmannella

Mottled Purple
Nemophora fasciella

Horehound Long-horn
Nemophora minimella

Small Long-horn
Nemophora metallica

Brassy Long-horn
Nemophora degeerella

Yellow-barred Long-horn
Adela cuprella

Early Long-horn
Adela reaumurella

Green Long-horn
Adela croesella

Small Barred Long-horn
Cauchas rufimitrella

Meadow Long-horn
Cauchas fibulella

Little Long-horn
Antispila metallella

Four-spot Lift
Anthophila fabriciana

Common Nettle-tap
Prochoreutis sehestediana

Silver-dot Metal-mark
Argyresthia dilectella

Juniper Argent
Argyresthia brockeella

Gold-ribbon Argent
Argyresthia goedartella

Golden Argent
Argyresthia retinella

Netted Argent
Argyresthia pruniella

Cherry-fruit Moth
Argyresthia bonnetella

Hawthorn Argent
Phaulernis dentella

Scale-tooth Lance-wing
Phaulernis fulviguttella

Yellow-spotted Lance-wing
Epermenia chaerophyllella

Garden Lance-wing
Schreckensteinia festaliella

Bramble False-feather
Coleophora limoniella

Silver-streaked Case-bearer
Coleophora trifolii

Large Clover Case-bearer
Coleophora alcyonipennella

Clover Case-bearer
Coleophora mayrella

Meadow Case-bearer
Coleophora deauratella

Red-clover Case-bearer
Coleophora tricolor

Basil-thyme Case-bearer
Coleophora lixella

Downland Case-bearer
Coleophora albicosta

Gorse Case-bearer
Coleophora discordella

Lotus Case-bearer
Esperia sulphurella

Sulphur Tubic
Alabonia geoffrella

Common Tubic
Pleurota bicostella

Light Streak
Diurnea lipsiella

November Tubic
Aroga velocella

Dusky Groundling
Neofaculta ericetella

Heather Sober
Scythris inspersella

Norfolk Owlet
Hysterophora maculosana

Bluebell Conch
Agapeta hamana

Common Yellow Conch
Aethes tesserana

Downland Conch
Aethes williana

Silver Carrot Conch
Commophila aeneana

Orange Conch
Cochylidia rupicola

Hemp-agrimony Conch
Argyrotaenia ljungiana

Heather Tortrix
Cacoecimorpha pronubana

Carnation Tortrix
Syndemis musculana

Dark-barred Tortrix
Ptycholoma lecheana

Brindled Tortrix
Ditula angustiorana

Red-barred Tortrix
Pseudargyrotoza conwagana

Yellow-spot Tortrix
Olindia schumacherana

White-barred Tortrix
Tortricodes alternella

Winter Shade
Acleris holmiana

White-triangle Button
Celypha cespitana

Thyme Marble
Celypha lacunana

Common Marble
Lobesia reliquana

Oak Marble
Epiblema costipunctana

Ragwort Bell
Lathronympha strigana

Red Piercer
Pammene rhediella

Fruitlet-mining Tortrix
Grapholita compositella

Triple-stripe Piercer
Grapholita internana

Dark Gorse Piercer
Grapholita janthinana

Pale-bordered Piercer
Grapholita jungiella

Vetch Piercer
Grapholita orobana

Crescent Piercer
Cydia ulicetana

Grey Gorse Piercer
Cydia nigricana

Pea Moth
Cydia cosmophorana

Scarce Pine Piercer
Cydia coniferana

Pine-bark Piercer
Cydia conicolana

Pine-cone Piercer
Pammene gallicana

Purple-shaded Piercer
Pammene aurana

Orange-spot Piercer
Dichrorampha petiverella

Common Drill
Dichrorampha alpinana

Broad-blotch Drill
Dichrorampha flavidorsana

Narrow-blotch Drill
Dichrorampha plumbagana

Silver-lined Drill
Dichrorampha plumbana

Lead-coloured Drill
Chrysoteuchia culmella

Garden Grass-veneer
Crambus pascuella

Inlaid Grass-veneer
Crambus lathoniellus

Hook-streak Grass-veneer
Crambus perlella

Satin Grass-veneer
Agriphila straminella

Straw Grass-veneer
Agriphila tristella

Common Grass-veneer
Thisanotia chrysonuchella

Powdered Grass-veneer
Platytes cerussella

Little Grass-veneer
Evergestis pallidata

Chequered Pearl
Pyrausta aurata

Small Purple & Gold
Pyrausta purpuralis

Common Purple & Gold
Pyrausta despicata

Straw-barred Pearl
Sitochroa verticalis

Lesser Pearl
Anania hortulata

Small Magpie
Anania crocealis

Ochreous Pearl
Udea lutealis

Pale Straw Pearl
Udea prunalis

Dusky Pearl
Nomophila noctuella

Rush Veneer
Patania ruralis

Mother of Pearl
Synaphe punctalis

Long-legged Tabby
Pempelia palumbella

Heather Knot-horn
Homoeosoma sinuella

Twin-barred Knot-horn
Pterophorus pentadactyla

White Plume
Emmelina monodactyla

Common Plume
Note: Many other species of micro moth are easily disturbed by day and this list should be used as a guide and not a definitive list.
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